Saturday, October 13, 2018

Waiting at our gate in Haneda to come home!

we made it to our gate for our final leg of the trip. Travel has been so smooth and we were able to enjoy one more Japanese Noodle meal before our long flight. See you soon! We are flight UA 876

Final day in Nanao, Farewell Party

Today was spent with our host families enjoying the last day we have together! We spent the evening at our farewell party where our kids performed two amazing somngs for their families as well as gave our thank you cards so show our appreciation for the trip. We cannot believe our time has passed so quickly. We will be traveling early tomorrow!

Friday, October 12, 2018


What a packed day today! We began be visiting the Wajima morning market which is held every morning, it has amazing vendors and local shops. One of the shops off of the morning market street is  a lacquer wear shop where we painted chopsticks! After, we headed to the land of 1,000 rice fields, senmaida, and had udon for lunch! With udon to power us, we visited the Wajima exhibit at ion for the festivals in Noto which was beautiful and had so much history! Then we traveled to Ganmon beach, drove on a beach farther down the peninsula, and finally went to a shrine. A truly beautiful day!